British Hospital

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About the project

The client asked us to redesign their website and make it more user-friendly.
The scope of the project was mainly focused on making a responsive website so the users can display it across multiple devices . (desktop, mobile and accesories)


British Hospital Website was kind of hard to use for new users, because it was very out of date. So that became a problem eventually. First off, we set out to analyze user roles and define objectives for the product based on their needs.


With the idea of clarifying the path that users should take to get things done with British Hospital website, we created a new set of guidelines for their Brand style.

My Role

My task in the project was to onboard different kind of users. Another role I had was to Produce style guides and web/CSS/interaction specification sheets for engineers.
Also to design and generate functional prototypes in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

App Screenshots